3D printing – simply and for everyone.

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Do you have ideas and all you need to do is find quality 3D printing services? We are here!
We will provide you with professional assistance from the creation of an idea or design to the realization of the product.

We apply the most suitable materials and 3D printing technologies to each project.
We also design the required object for 3D printing. You can send us your existing file or drawing, photo, sketch or just an idea and we will design a 3D model according to your wishes.


3D printing is a method of producing unlimited possibilities, giving creative freedom to create a wide variety of objects. Environmentally friendly technology with almost no waste.

FDM (angl. Fused Deposition Modeling)

Printing of 3D products from various polymers. During production, the object is printed in layers by fusing a plastic thread to the heated print head.

SLA (angl. Stereolithography)

The products are printed from liquid photopolymer (resin). During printing, the 3D model is created layer by layer on the principle of photopolymerization: light with special properties forces the molecular chains to join together, thus creating polymers.


The possibilities for customizing 3D printing are limitless, and 3D printing will find a place for itself in almost every field. We will list the most popular areas:
  • Prototypes
  • Small – scale series production
  • Souvenirs and advertising production
  • Architecture and building layouts construction
  • Art, works of art
  • Education
  • Car parts, accessories
  • Games, modeling
  • Robotics
  • Accessories, fashion, design
  • Household, household items
  • Housing production
  • Jewelry
  • Film industry, costumes
  • Toys, goods for children
  • Interior design
  • Music
  • Gifts and unique products
  • Photography, props
  • Food
  • Medicine

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MB 3D solution – provides services related to 3D printing technologies. We strive to use the best quality materials and innovative equipment.
Our mission: 3D printing – simply and for everyone. Vision: To create high-quality and widely used 3D printing services. Aim: To create sustainable, high-quality 3D products for our customers.


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